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Michael Giammusso, HHP
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Health Analysis & Nutritional Profiling:

Currently, an Initial Consult includes a Follow-up visit complimentary at no charge.

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Additional program or followup visit

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Additional program or followup visit

Discount: If one has health insurance, they are entitled to a $15 discount with their services and office visits. Also, if one can show proof of membership with a local Exercise & Fitness Center, one may qualify for that same $15 discount.

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When supporting the body to heal and help correct various ailments, the body needs to be given the time to heal. By implementing one program at a time to accomplish the needed results, we can help to support various functions within the body to help restore the body back into balance. Therefore, often times more than one program is necessary to introduce various nutrients at proper times, to properly heal the body.

Natural Supplements are available as a convenience, and prices may vary. View Our Catalog

This is an investment in oneself and may provide a lifetime of both relief and living a much healthier and therefore happier life in general. We feel privileged to help you in regaining your health and more importantly, helping you with safeguarding it.

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